Study Abroad

A large number of Mason's Humanities and Social Sciences students participate in study abroad. Permission from a student's academic Dean must be obtained in order to allow study abroad credits to count towards a Mason degree. Students should plan well in advance to coordinate a study abroad trip, and to obtain the required permission from the Dean.

Visit the Global Education Office website to find the type of program that meets your interests. Options to study abroad include short-term Mason faculty-led programs, semester and academic year programs, as well as both in-person and virtual international internships.

Preparing to Study Abroad

  1. Contact the Global Education Office to get information regarding the study abroad program, and meet with your academic advisor to discuss how the credits might apply to your degree.
  2. Consult the Course Evaluation and Registration System (CERS) to find courses that have already been approved for your program of interest. 
    • If a course is not in the database, you must obtain approval from the appropriate academic department by obtaining a course description and syllabus, and following the steps for "Request Course Equivalency" here. Note: departments will not review your request without a description and syllabus. 
    • Oxford semester programs will not have courses in CERS. You will discuss courses for this program with a GEO advisor and your academic advisor.
  3. Once all courses have been approved, submit your Plan of Study through CERS.
  4. Your plan of study will be reviewed by your academic advisor and the Undergraduate Academic Affairs office for Dean's permission.

Study Abroad Policies

  • Students must meet any GPA requirements specified by the Global Education Office. Global Education will verify that students meet program requirements, however, students with a cumulative Mason GPA below 2.5 at the time a request is received will not qualify for Dean's permission. Two exceptions to this policy are: Freshman participating in the Global Gateway program, or students requesting permission for a program with a lower cumulative GPA requirement (e.g. a summer study abroad program with a 2.25 minimum cumulative GPA requirement).
  • Students must complete all parts of the process before stated deadlines, including obtaining all required signatures and course equivalencies.

Students who do not receive advance approval from their dean are likely to lose time, money, and credits, if/when permission is not granted. 

Students in danger of probation, suspension, or dismissal should exercise caution if requesting to study abroad. It is a student's responsibility to ensure that they are in good academic standing, and that they meet all program and Global Ed office requirements. 

Students have the right to appeal denial of a request. Information on submitting an appeal can be found at the bottom of the page