Tips for Submitting Requests

  • Familiarize yourself with Student Rights and Responsibilities (see below) before submitting any requests.
  • Know the academic policies of the university, college, and your degree program.
  • Verify your schedule each semester during and after the add/drop/withdrawal period to be sure you are registered for the courses you think you are.
  • Submit requests well before any deadline associated with the request. Requests are reviewed in the order they are received and requests cannot be expedited based on late submission.
  • Insure your university record is free of all holds. Holds can delay or prevent the processing of a request, including financial and immunization holds.
  • Check your official Mason email regularly. The Undergraduate Academic Affairs office will respond to your request via your Mason email.
  • Check with the office to be sure that your documentation, fax, email, or other supporting information has been received.Contact the office if you have not received a response within two weeks.
  • If you want anyone else to receive information about your request, file an official FERPA release form with the Registrar's office.