Incompletes are allowed at the discretion of an instructor. Incomplete grades that are not changed to a final grade by the deadline will automatically become an F grade. Please see below for additional information regarding incompletes.

Grades of Incomplete (IN)

Unless the instructor has specified an earlier deadline, incomplete coursework must be submitted to the instructor by the end of the ninth week of the next semester, not including summer term, and the instructor must turn in the final grade by the end of the 10th week.  We strongly recommend that students fill out and file an Incomplete Grade Contract. This form is required when an instructor sets a deadline for submission of the remaining work that is shorter than the published university deadline.

Students who are seeking to have their degree conferred for the term in which they receive the IN grade must complete all work no later than 6 weeks after the degree conferral date. Conferral dates are listed in the Academic Calendar on the website of the Registrar's Office.

Extensions of Incompletes

Our office adheres strictly to the university’s due dates for incomplete work and grade changes.  Therefore, students should make finishing incomplete work from a previous semester a priority.  On rare occasions, the work for an incomplete cannot be finished by the deadline because the extenuating circumstances that caused the student to request the grade of IN have continued to affect his or her ability to complete it.  In this situation, the student may request an extension of the due date for the incomplete work. This request must be approved by the instructor and the dean’s office of the college that offers the course.

The petition for extension of incomplete must be submitted to the Registrar’s office in lieu of the grade by the date on which incomplete grade changes are due to the Registrar’s office (the end of the tenth week of the semester).  Therefore, petitions for extensions of incompletes must be submitted to our office at least one week prior to the date on which incomplete work is due to the instructor.

Please be aware that our office does not approve extensions of due dates for incomplete work when students are unable to finish the assignments because of the demands of their current-semester schedules.  Therefore, students should plan their enrollments for the current semester accordingly, and make completing the incomplete work a priority. 

Please keep in mind that incompletes cannot be extended beyond the last day of classes in the semester which the incomplete grade is due.