Appeal Process

Undergraduate students who wish to appeal a decision made by the CHSS office of Academic Affairs may submit an Appeal Request form to our office. The form can be found below Please be thorough in completing the form and keep in mind that this is your opportunity to provide additional relevant information or documentation that was not previously submitted or disclosed.  

Any appeal should be submitted within 30 days of decision notificationAppeals will not be accepted after the final day of classes of the following semester. 

PLEASE NOTE: You may not appeal satisfactory performance standards (minimum grades or grade point average, GPA) that have been set by the department or program faculty for the courses in their major or minor.  

Depending on the type of request, students may have up to three levels of appeal: 

Level One Appeal 

Students may appeal the initial decisions rendered by CHSS Academic Affairs to the Undergraduate Academic Appeals Committee, a committee composed of college deans, administrative faculty members, and college advisors.   

Level Two Appeal 

Students may appeal the decisions of the Undergraduate Academic Appeals Committee to the Student Policies and Appeals Committee, a standing committee elected from the college faculty. The Student Policies and Appeals Committee is the final level of appeal within the college.   

Level Three Appeal 

Students who feel that the college appeal process was conducted unfairly may appeal to the Provost's Undergraduate Education Office. This review will be for procedural irregularity only.