Suspended Students

Students Returning From Suspension

Students placed on suspension have a registration hold placed on his or her record that prevents enrollment in future coursework. To prepare for returning from suspension the student must first have an Academic Advisor Approval Form reviewed and signed by his or her advisor, and then meet with the Assistant Dean for Undergraduate Academic Affairs within our office.

Information on the process can be found by following the link on the bottom of the page called "Returning from Suspension".

If a student is eligible to return to Mason after a period of suspension, but does not return in the first eligible semester, that student's status will be changed to inactive. In order to be placed on active status, the student must then either re-enroll or re-apply to the university depending on how long the student has been absent from the university.

Students who are absent for less than two years can re-enroll through our office. 

Students who are absent for two years or more must re-apply to the university through the Admissions website.

Suspension Overrides

Students who have been suspended may appeal to the Undergraduate Academic Affairs Office to request an override of suspension. For additional information follow the link below.

Performance Expectations for All Undergraduate Students

Please see our page related to academic standing at the following location.

GPA Calculator

Students can calculate what grades they need in which courses by using the GPA Calculator below. Please keep in mind that this is a writable file, so any changes made to the formulas may distort the calculations. Feel free to contact our office if you have any questions.