Return from Dismissal

Students who have been dismissed from the university can request a return from that dismissal after a separation of at least three years. Students submit this type of request to the academic dean's office for the major that they wish to return to, which is not necessarily always the major from which they were dismissed. Please see below for additional policies and the process for requesting a return from dismissal.

Requesting a Return From Dismissal

  1. Review all policies pertaining to return from dismissal requests.
  2. Wait at least 3 years of absence from Mason before submitting request.
  3. Fill out request form and submit it along with all documentation pertaining to the request by the Admissions deadline for the semester in which you wish to return.
  4. Re-apply to the university through Admissions once request has been submitted to the Undergraduate Academic Affairs office.


Deadlines for Submitting Requests for Override of Dismissal:

  • October 1st for spring semester enrollment
  • March 1st for fall semester enrollment

These are priority deadlines. Submission by this deadline will ensure that your request will be reviewed for that term of enrollment. Students who do not meet these priority deadlines should contact the Undergraduate Academic Affairs office to determine the best course of action.

Return from Dismissal Policies

Students can request to return from dismissal through the Undergraduate Academic Affairs Office, but only after a minimum absence from the university of three calendar years. In addition, they must meet one or more of the following conditions during that time:

  • Demonstrate academic success (2.50 GPA or better) in at least 18 credit hours of classes taken during the period of dismissal at an accredited two-or-four-year college or university. Such credits may be considered for transfer back to George Mason University, but there is no guarantee of acceptance of the credits.
  • Provide other evidence of a renewed ability to achieve academic success.
  • Provide evidence that all degree requirements will be met once an additional 12 or fewer credit hours are complete.

Meeting the above requirements does not guarantee a return. The Office of Admissions and the appropriate school or college dean will make individual decisions in the best academic interests of the student and the university. For students seeking readmission to a new school or college, their new dean will make the decision in consultation with the former dean and the Office of Admissions.

In order to request a return to a CHSS major students must submit a Return from Dismissal form to the Undergraduate Academic Affairs office, along with any relevant documentation. Students must also re-apply through the Admissions office.

Additionally, students who have been approved for a return from dismissal, and who have been absent from the university for at least 3 years are eligible to request academic clemency. Please follow the link below for additional information regarding clemency.

Students have the right to appeal denial of a request. Information on submitting an appeal can be found at the bottom of the page