Students who have been away from the university who either did not submit a leave of absence form, or were ineligible for leave of absence, and who have been away for not more than two academic years must re-enroll in order to register for courses. This can be done by submitting an Undergraduate Application for Re-enrollment (available below under Resources). This is an online form through the Registrar's office and you will need to log in with your Mason credentials. If you no longer have access, contact IT Support at

Important Considerations

  • Two-year timeframe: students who have been away from Mason five full semesters (excluding summer) no longer qualify for re-enrollment and must re-apply to the university. For example: if the last graded semester was spring 2021, students must re-enroll by the beginning of the fall 2023 semester. 
  • Cumulative GPA below 2.0: if a student has below a 2.00 cumulative GPA or was on academic suspension when he or she left, then the re-enrollment request must be reviewed by the Undergraduate Academic Affairs office.
    • Further, students who were on suspension when last at Mason must submit an Academic Advisor Approval Form along with the re-enrollment request. That form can be found below and can be emailed to us at

If the form is received by our office, we will contact you via email. In that email we will be requesting your anticipated course selection for the semester of return, so please discuss that with your advisor before submitting the form. 

Please note that any re-enrollment request received by the Undergraduate Academic Affairs less than two weeks before the first day of courses may be denied.

Major Catalog Year

Re-enrolling will update a student's degree requirements to the latest catalog term unless noted on the form. Choose your requested catalog term (cannot be a semester before matriculation at Mason) on the form.