Undergraduate Team

The office of Undergraduate Academic Affairs staff is here to help undergraduate students, faculty, and staff with questions regarding academic issues. We strive to answer any questions and help with any situation that we can. Feel free to contact our office with any questions that you may have, and if we do not know the answer to your question, or are not the correct office to handle your question, we will do our best to find the information, or refer you to the correct location.

  • Lisa C Breglia

    Lisa C Breglia

    Senior Associate Dean for Undergraduate Affairs

    Associate Professor

    Globalization; Energy, Environment and Sustainability; Political economy of resources; Museums, Heritage, Cultural Policy; Tourism; Mexico, Latin America; Ethnography

  • David Gibson

    David Gibson

    Senior Academic Affairs Coordinator

  • Katy E Hoepf

    Katy E Hoepf

    Academic Advisor

  • Diana Keay

    Diana Keay

    Academic Success Advisor

  • Rachel E Lindsey

    Rachel E Lindsey

    Assistant Director, Career Education, Career Services and CHSS Undergraduate Academic Affairs


  • Troy J. Lowery

    Troy J. Lowery

    Director of Student Outreach


  • Erin McSherry

    Erin McSherry

    Assistant Dean for Student Success


  • David R Soorenko

    David R Soorenko

    Senior Academic Affairs Coordinator

  • Anjanette Trebing

    Anjanette Trebing

    Office Specialist