Change of Grade

The Undergraduate Academic Affairs Office fully abides by this policy as stated in the University Catalog.

All requests for change of grades must originate from the professor of the course. A detailed explanation for the change of grade must be provided on the form. Professors should never accept work after the official date listed for the final exam.

Temporary Grades

  • AB
    If a student misses the final exam with prior permission from the professor, a temporary grade of AB (Absent) may be given. A rescheduled exam must be administered within 10 business days of the original exam date or the AB will automatically become an F. Final determination of academic status is not complete while the AB remains on the transcript which can have serious consequences for students, such as delay in financial aid disbursement, determination of academic standing, etc.
  • IN
    If a student is passing the course and has more work to do than can be accomplished in 10 days, the instructor has the right to offer an IN (Incomplete). The deadline for completing work is by the ninth week of the following regular semester. Incompletes that are not finished by the official deadline are converted to permanent failing grades that will not be changed at a later date without a justifiable reason and dean's approval.
  • HC
    For courses that are currently pending an Honor Code review, a temporary grade of HC should be entered by the faculty in Patriot Web. This translates to an NR grade on the student’s transcript. NR grades do not expire and will need to be changed by the faculty member once the Honor Code case has been resolved

Students have the right to appeal denial of a request. Information on submitting an appeal can be found at the bottom of the page