Final Exams

The official university policies regarding final exams are available in the University Catalog.

Final Exam Dates

  • The dates and times of final exams for regularly scheduled classes are listed on the Office of the Registrar's website.
  • All students are responsible for making certain that they have no other commitments that could conflict with their scheduled final exams.

Rescheduling a Final Exam

  • Only students who have more than one exam scheduled at the same time, or more than two exams scheduled for the same day may request to re-schedule the time and place for a final exam.
  • Students should discuss re-scheduling with their professors at least one month prior to their exam date.
  • If no resolution can be reached with any of the individual professors, requests should then be submitted to this office at least three weeks prior to the exam date. This can be submitted to this office using a General Request form.