Midterm Support

What are midterm grades?

Each semester has a midterm period, and grades are required to be posted for all lower-level courses (100 and 200-level), as well as ENGH 302, by the end of this period. 

Any midterm grade below a C-, including a grade of NA (never attended course) or SA (stopped attending course), is considered "unsatisfactory" and is cause for reaching out.

Where can midterm grades be found?

Midterm grades can be found in Patriot Web, within the Student Services - Student Records section, under the heading Midterm Evaluations. Remember, only grades for lower-level courses and ENGH 302 are required to be posted.

Why are midterm grades helpful?

Midterm grades can confirm that things are going well half-way through the semester or be the push needed to seek help when struggling.

Multiple factors, academic and non-academic, can impact success in a semester. There are also multiple ways to refocus and improve academic performance, starting with the following: