CHSS Residential Learning Community

Welcome to CHSS Residential Learning Community!

The CHSS LC is a wonderful place to begin your academic journey at Mason. Discover how CHSS disciplinary and interdisciplinary degrees and courses can be used to think broadly, creatively, and analytically about a range of issues, from social justice and social media, to ancient art and anime. 

Picture of Learning Community students at dog therapy event

Why join CHSS Residential Learning Community?

It provides a sense of community - stronger student connections

Because students are together in multiple classes, you have the opportunity to get to know one another more quickly and on a deeper level. You will often walk to class together, form study groups, and closer friendships.

More engagement in courses

By forming a community with peers, asking homework questions, sharing insights and information with classmates who are also your neighbors, you will foster a better understanding of yourself and others and balance your academic and social life.

Greater academic achievement

Building social connections around academic study can help increase motivation and develop intellectual development.

Learning Community events, field trips, and social gatherings

As part of the CHSS RLC, you will take part in fun events that promote team-building and student well-being.

Questions? Contact the CHSS Student Success Team at