Path to Academic Student Success (PASS)

PASS Path to Academic Student Success

The Path to Academic Student Success (PASS) program provides advising and motivational support to undergraduate students in the College of Humanities and Social Sciences (CHSS).

PASS Mentors within the CHSS Academic Affairs Office guide students toward accountability for their own success by understanding and applying effective personal and academic strategies to achieve individual goals.

The program provides resources to assess and develop key areas in student success. 

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Program Description

Students are referred to PASS either by the Dean's Office or by an academic advisor. Before the semester begins, students receive a welcome message with a description of the program, and the PASS course is added to their Blackboard. 

At the end of the program, students receive a certificate of completion, and a Navigate tag is issued to mark the course as completed or not completed. 


The Path to Academic Student Success (PASS) is a support course for CHSS students:

  • Who have been referred by faculty/academic advisor
  • Who could benefit from mentorship
  • Who have received a Warning in First Semester
  • Who are on Probation
  • Coming back from Suspension

PASS comprises two parts, Part I: Mentoring and Part II: Developmental Modules

Part I: Mentoring

PASS students will have one-to-one and group meetings with their Peer Mentors throughout the semester. Peer Mentors will guide students with effective personal and academic strategies to achieve your individual goals.

As part of the program, students will also connect with their Academic Advisors, who will help them understand how to better navigate major university policies and procedures, as well as access various opportunities and resources within the university.

Part I: Mentorship are expected to be completed from Weeks 0-6.

Part II: Developmental Modules

PASS offers six developmental modules. Each module has slides introducing a particular topic/concept, one or more videos with an accompanying mini-quiz, interactive pulse checks, and collaborative class discussions.

During the semester, students will explore the following topics: Mindset, Well-Being, Persistence, Time Management, Learning Strategies, and Degree Success. 

Part II: Developmental Modules are expected to be completed from Weeks 7-14.