PASS Program Overview

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The Personal Academic Support and Success (PASS) program provides advising and motivational support to undergraduate students in the College of Humanities and Social Sciences (CHSS). PASS utilizes a developmental model in addition to an appreciative advising model with the purpose of encouraging students to achieve their desired academic and personal outcomes.

PASS Mentors within the CHSS Academic Affairs Office guide students toward accountability for their own success by understanding and applying effective personal and academic strategies to achieve individual goals. PASS students work on an Academic Success Contract that allows them to understand and maximize unique areas of success during individual advising sessions and through multiple activities. Students will also have the opportunity to explore and leverage their strengths, better access campus resources, and eliminate barriers.

PASS provides customized resources to assess and develop key areas in student success. Depending on the unique needs of each student, students will be able to improve their competency in any of the 16 different developmental modules offered in PASS. These modules include mindset, persistence, optimism, motivation, sense of belonging, self-efficacy, planning, organizational, and communication skills, academic advising and degree success, awareness of resources, support network, career goals, learning skills, time management, student transition, and overall well-being.