CHSS Summer 2024 Institute for Excellence

Embark on an intellectually and practically rewarding journey this summer with our Global Citizens program tailored for high school students passionate about social sciences and humanities. With a strong focus on making a real difference in the world, the program dives into critical thinking and social theory as we navigate through pivotal historical moments and pressing contemporary global issues. With a deep commitment to global justice, human development, and social transformation, our program empowers you to ask and answer the questions that resonate with both you and society as a whole. 

The program offers an immersive blend of academic exploration and practical application, equipping you with the essential tools to understand complex social challenges and envision meaningful solutions. Through close mentorship and support by our faculty members from a rich variety of disciplines in the humanities and social sciences, you will gain invaluable insights into diverse global issues, career pathways, research methodologies, and problem-solving strategies that will shape your academic journey, professional outlook, and beyond. 

Join us to not just understand, but actively shape our shared global future. Enroll now and begin a transformative summer experience that lays the foundation for a lifetime of critical thinking and social impact. 



For information regarding the program, visit the Institute for Excellence website.