Preparing for Your Advising Appointment

How to Make the Most of your Advising Session

Whether you have a scheduled appointment or are visiting your advisor during walk-in hours, it is important to be prepared. What are some ways you can make the most of your time with your advisor? We've compiled some suggestions below, depending on the goal of the appointment:

Registration Advising

Prior to your appointment,

  • Review your transcript and degree evaluation in Patriot Web
  • Compile a list of courses you're considering for the upcoming semester
  • Be aware of when your registration time ticket opens

Semester-Check in Advising

Prior to your appointment,

  • View your midterm grades in Patriot Web or Blackboard
  • Reflect on whether you need extra support, academically or personally, and what resources or referrals you'd like your advisor to discuss
  • Check your degree evaluation or the University Catalog for the required grades in your major courses

Internship and/or Career Advising

Prior to your appointment,

  • Review your department's website for information related to internship or career support
  • Familiarize yourself with Career Services' online resources and methods for scheduling an appointment
  • Prepare a list of the potential careers you are considering, organizations you are interested in, and questions you have about options within your major

Advising on Research Interests

Prior to your appointment,

  • Compile your ideas of topics related to your major that you would like to explore further
  • Review the faculty profiles on your department website for areas of research focus, relevant courses taught, and current projects
  • Review your department website for information on honors in your major

Advising for Study Abroad

Prior to your appointment,

  • Explore the study abroad options available on the website of the Global Education Office
  • Compile a list of the experiences and locations you're most interested in
  • Review your degree evaluation in Patriot Web to identify possible courses or requirements you could fulfill abroad

Preparing for Graduation Advising

Prior to your appointment,

  • Review your degree evaluation in Patriot Web
  • Be aware of graduation timelines and the deadline to apply
  • Reflect on your goals for your last semester at Mason and prepare a list of the opportunities, resources, and experiences that are important for you to pursue

These recommendations are just a starting point for how to have more in-depth conversations with your advisor. Regular (at least once a semester!) advising sessions allow you to engage further in your major, the college, and your overall Mason experience.