Advisory Board Lunches

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The CHSS Advisory Board hosts a series of networking lunches throughout the semester. The goal of these lunches is to connect students with expert resources in specific fields of industry. 






CHSS Advisory Board Statement of Purpose

The College of Humanities and Social Sciences Advisory Board serves to advise the Dean by connecting the University with the world beyond our campuses and providing the College with specialized knowledge and expertise. Board members support the programs and activities of the College to develop continuing relationships between students, faculty, alumni, and friends.


Board Members: 

Jamal M. al-Barzinji 
Gail A. Bohan, '70, MPA '82 
Nicole A. Geller '86 
Ian G. Hogg
Michael J. Hoover, MA '81
Lynn E. Huggins, '92 
Eric M. Johnson, MA '05 
Jonathan C. Lamb
Robert C. Lightburn, MA '04 
Nicole Tyler, '90 
Allen C. Lomax, MPA '82 
Samantha E. Madden, '89 
M. Yaqub Mirza 
Paul C. Reber MA '92 
Jason D. Reis, '93 
Jennifer C. Shelton, '94 
Edward M. Staunton, III 
Michael L. Whitlock, '96 

Board Members Emeriti: 

David W. Bartee, MPA '06
George C. Cabalu, '92 
Randolph W. Church 
Ashok Deshmukh 
C. Michael Hincewicz 
Matthew S. Plummer, '00, MA '11 
Stanley E. Tetlow, BS '84 
John A. Wilburn, MA '76