Kali Chenault

Kali Chenault

Kali Chenault

What is your involvement on campus?
I am a member the GMU Society of Human Resource Management (SHRM).  This is a valuable experience for me as I hope to gain employment in the Human Resource field.  The group is a university chapter of a professional organization.  I also participate in Mason Compatriots, which is an international buddy club.  The organization pairs domestic students with international students.  It allows students to learn about new cultures while helping someone else adapt to American culture.  I am also a member of the College of Humanities and Social Sciences Student Ambassador Team.  I help represent the College and my academic department at various events.  

What is the most exciting aspect of this current year?
I am currently serving as an intern at General Dynamics Information Technology (GDIT), which is a defense contracting company.  I work in their staffing and recruiting department. I recently helped recruit for the company at a job fair and it was interesting to see that process from the other side.  I am also working on sourcing candidates for specific positions.  This internship experience relates directly to the work I hope to get involved with after graduation.  

How did you secure this internship?
I found the internship opportunity on HireMason through the University Career Services office.  I applied for the internship this past summer and negotiated to start the experience for the fall 2015 semester.  

What is your favorite undergraduate course at Mason?
I took Microeconomics- Economics 103 as an elective course with Dr. Boudreaux.  The course provided me with real-world knowledge that helps me be a more informed citizen.  I knew it would provide me with a new perspective and the economic context is very helpful for me as a Global Affairs major.  I decided to take the Macroeconomics- Economics 104 course to further my knowledge in the field of Economics.    

Can you tell me about your study abroad experience?
I studied abroad in the fall 2014 semester in Santiago, Chile.  I wanted to extend my experience with the Spanish language.  I desired a unique experience so I decided that going to South American would be an exciting environment.  I am also fascinated with South American history and culture so that also compelled me to pursue the opportunity.  It was a direct exchange program facilitated by the Center for Global Education.   The direct exchange meant that I had the same tuition that I was normally used to in previous semesters.  I was the only Mason student at that location, so I was able to make a whole new set of friends and be independent.  It helped me to truly immerse in the Chilean culture.    

What makes your academic tenure in the College of Humanities and Social Sciences and at Mason unique?
My interdisciplinary degree and my liberal arts education helped prepare me for a diverse array of experiences in the future.  Most notably, I have developed both my oral and written communication skills, along with my critical thinking skills.  I believe this type of holistic development will be an asset as I plan to pursue a career in the business world.  The diversity of the student body also helped me expand my mindset in regards to working with others in a variety of settings. 

Do you have any exciting plans in the near future? 
After I graduate I plan to go backpacking by myself through Europe.  I have a significant amount of friends that I met during my study abroad experience in Chile that currently live throughout Europe.  I hope to visit and reconnect with this network of friends. The Netherlands and Croatia are specifically on my list of countries to visit.    

Can you tell me something that most people would not know about you?
I was featured as an extra in the movie Gods and Generals.  I actually met the main actor, Robert Duval, during my costume fitting.  It was an exciting experience as a second grade student.  

What is your favorite music? 
I am a big fan of country music, so Kenney Chesney is a personal favorite musician.  My friends like to give me a hard time about my love of country music.