Dominic Fiedtkou-Leonard

Dominic Fiedtkou-Leonard

Dominic Fiedtkou-Leonard

What is your involvement on campus?
I serve as the art and photography editor for the Volition Literary and Arts Journal through the Office of Student Media.  I am a Patriot Leader and assist incoming students at new student orientation.  I also work part-time in the Center for Academic Advising, Retention, and Transitions

What is the most exciting aspect of this current year?
Most of my classes this semester are theoretical and specialize in my specific area of interest.  My concentration is Cultural Studies, so right now I am focusing on the intersection of gender and race.   These classes challenge me and are heavily discussion-based.  I am able to engage deeply in conversation with instructors and classmates.   

What is your favorite undergraduate course at Mason?
Women and Gender Studies 100: Representations of Women is a favorite class.  It was my introduction to the field and my instructor made the class very engaging.  It was taught with a focus on literature so that complimented my academic major.  The experience in this class motivated me to declare my academic minor.  

Who is your favorite instructor?
Class with Dr. Lisa Koch was a great experience.  We got along very well and she conducted class in a very conversational manner.  It was a writing-intensive course and she worked to make it manageable so it never seemed daunting.  

Can you tell me about your study abroad experience?
I studied abroad the summer after my second year on the island of Cyprus in the Mediterranean Sea with 13 other Mason students and one Psychology faculty member.  I completed two Psychology courses towards my Psychology academic minor.  We also had time to tour the entire island and visit all of the famous cites.  I hope to participate in a two-week study abroad trip to Ecuador this winter break to earn three Spanish credits.  

What are your career goals after graduating from Mason?
I am currently enrolled in the Accelerated Master’s in Curriculum and Instruction program.  My goal is to work in the education system as an English teacher.   I would also love to get engaged in educational policy.  I think having practical teaching experience will help me pursue this opportunity.  I would also love to continue to travel as often as possible.   

What would you do with an hour of free time away from classes?
I would catch up on personal reading and take a quick power nap.  

What celebrity would you like to have dinner with at some point?
I would love to meet my favorite author, Margaret Atwood.  She wrote one of my favorite novels, The Handmaid’s Tale.  It is a dystopian story about a matriarchal society that is restrictive in many ways.  Her writing is quite strange but also thought provoking.  It makes you question society and morals.  I have a tattoo of a quote from one of her books on my arm.  It is my goal to have Margaret sign a copy of her book.    

Where would you like to travel at some point in the future?
I have always wanted to travel to London.  I am deeply interested in British culture.  It seems like a creative city and I would fit right in as a writer.