LaDesha Batten

LaDesha Batten

LaDesha Batten

What is your involvement on campus?
I serve as a Resident Advisor in Presidents Park for first-year women.  I am a Peer Advisor for University 100 students.  I am a member of the student organization, Chase Dreams, Not Boys.  Also, during my freshmen year I was inducted into Alpha Lambda Delta National Honor Society.

What has been your favorite class?
My favorite class is Psychology 321: Counseling Psychology, which I am enrolled in this semester.  I am deeply interested in the subject material.  The class provides me with a helpful perspective of the counseling profession.  I truly enjoy reading all of the material for the class. 

Who is your favorite instructor?
Dr. Michael Hurley is my current statistics professor.  He somehow makes statistics interesting and easy to learn.  Dr. Hurley also serves as my academic advisor, so he is helpful on many levels.

What is the most exciting aspect of this current year?
I really enjoy serving as a Resident Advisor.  The women on my floor are very sweet and friendly.  I like having the ability to be resource for other Mason students. 

Tell me about your experience serving as a Peer Advisor for University 100.
This is my second year as Peer Advisor.  I enjoy working with my fellow Peer Advisors and instructors to help students with their college transition.  The position allows me to develop key professional skills.  I enjoy working with specific subsets of the Mason community.  Last year I worked with students from the College of Humanities and Social Sciences and this year I am with the Major and Career Explorers Living Learning Community. 

Tell me about your undergraduate research experience.
This semester I just started working with Dr. Sarah Fischer in the GMU Impulse Laboratory as an undergraduate research assistant.  We are exploring the relationship between impulsivity and eating disordered behavior.  

What would you do with an hour of free time away from classes?
I would sleep.  Making sure you have enough rest is vital for busy college students!

Skittles or M&Ms?
M&Ms…but only the peanut M&Ms.