Christina Gabriele

Christina Gabriele

Christina Gabriele

What is your involvement on campus?
Since last fall I have been working on organizing a signature event to raise awareness for childhood cancer.  The event is called “Go Gold” and it supports a nine-year-old girl named, Tara.  I have been working on this in conjunction with the Athletic department and softball team.  I am also a pitcher on the Mason women’s softball team

What inspired you to get involved with the “Go Gold” event?
I realized that there is still a need to help raise awareness for childhood cancer.  We decided to incorporate the “Go Gold” theme into Mason softball because it seemed like a natural fit.  Our goal is to help celebrate Tara and incorporate her into the Mason community.  

What has been your favorite class?
My favorite class was Communication 307, Photography: A Foreign Lens.  I was in this class during my summer abroad in Milan, Italy.  The final assignment for the class was a photography project with a written component.  The class changed my perspective of travel and experiences in a foreign culture.  In terms of studying abroad, I was hesitant at first to travel overseas.  It was truly a life-changing experience to immerse myself in a different culture during my summer in Milan.

What is the most exciting aspect of this current year?
I am excited to continue my education.  I feel that I am now making decisions that will impact my life after college.  It is comforting to make progress towards my goals.

What are your career goals after graduating from Mason?
I hope to continue my education and attend graduate or law school.  I am still trying to figure out exactly what I want to pursue professionally.  My interest and educational experience will hopefully lead me to manage the public relations of a professional sports team.  I would also be interested in the field of crisis communication. 

Tell me about what you were involved with this past summer?
This past summer I ran softball camps back at my high school. My task was to adopt a social media presence for the organization.  The goal was to make the camp experience more interactive for the children and their families.  Although it was not an official internship I approached it like a true professional experience.

What advice do you have for new Mason students?
I think it is extremely helpful to concentrate on completing most of your general education classes in your first year of college.   Doing that has put me in a good position moving forward with my academics.  It is also important to work hard to develop personal relationships and create a support network of friends.  Students should also make the most of Mason’s location and take advantage of all the experiences the DC Metro area are has to offer.

What would you do with an hour of free time away from classes?
I would absolutely have a picnic at one of the beautiful lakes nearby campus.  I did that last year at the end of the semester and it was completely relaxing. 

If you could have dinner with one real or fictional figure who would you choose and why?
I would love to have dinner with Babe Ruth.  It would be fun to get inside his head and talk sports.  I think we would share a pizza. 

Skittles or M&Ms?
Definitely M&MS!  Chocolate beats everything.