Andrea Yeash

Andrea Yeash

Andrea Yeash

What is your involvement on campus?
I am an active member of Catholic Campus Ministry and the Swing Dance Club.  I also serve as a Mason Ambassador and give campus tour to prospective students. 

Tell me about your experiences studying abroad?
I made some great connections during my time abroad.  Almost all of my courses were taught in French during the spring 2013 semester in Freiburg, Switzerland.  That geographic region of Switzerland primarily speaks the French language.  Being abroad was a great learning and growing experience.  It allowed me to truly embrace the Swiss culture.  I also completed a winter break study abroad trip to Guadeloupe.   I spent three weeks learning French.  

Tell me about the value of speaking a foreign language?
Learning a second language shows that you want to learn about another culture and fully identify with those people.  I study global communications and technology within my Global Affairs major so language skills are incredibly useful for my future.  

Can you tell me about your research and internship experiences?
I won a grant to conduct research in Taiwan.  It was a month-long research trip in the summer of 2012.  I studied the growth of the tourism industry.   I am currently interning at an organization in DC,  I am a program and development intern.  I help write curriculum and work to get the millennial generation involved in social entrepreneurship.   I also serve as consulting director for the Mason student organization, 180 Degree Consulting.  We are student consultants helping nonprofits in the DC area.  I also hold two on-campus paid positions.  I work for the Center for International Student Access (CISA) as a mentor for first-year international students.  I also work for the Center for Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (CAPEC) as a program assistant supporting international scholars and their research efforts.  

What has been your favorite class?
I took the Contemporary Societies and Multiple Perspectives class with Dr. Hugh Gusterson.  We focused our studies on the interconnectedness of national and international drug policies and their influences on society. 

What are your goals after graduating from Mason?
I am looking to further my involvement with social entrepreneurship.  I hope to open up my own consulting group.  I would love to return to Europe and live there for several years.  

What has been your most meaningful experience at Mason?
I have been so blessed during my time at Mason.  My connection with the Global Affairs department shaped who I am today. 

What advice do you have for new Mason students?
Get involved early during your start in college.  Don’t be afraid to apply for different experiences and opportunities even if you don’t think you are qualified.  

If you could travel to any destination in the world, where would you visit?
One of my future goals this summer is to take a road trip to California and see everything along the way.