Jihye Kim

Jihye Kim

Jihye Kim

What is your involvement on campus? Fraternity & Sorority Life, Peer Advisor for University 100, Peer Academic Advisor for the Academic  Advising and Transfer Center. 

What has been your favorite class? Communication 332- Nonverbal communication.  It was interesting to learn about how individuals communicate without meaning to do so in a way that we traditionally don’t think about.  

Who is your favorite professor? Lance Schmeidler from the Communication department.  He was my Communication 101- Interpersonal and Group Interaction instructor.  He was very personable with the students in class.  He taught his lessons in a way that were easily applicable to life.  I learned to strategies to successfully communicate with different people in the class.  

What are you most excited about for the fall 2013 semester? I am exploring new territory and taking a class outside of my typical coursework.  I am taking Art & Visual Technology 180- New Media in the Creative Arts.  I am taking this class as an elective for my own interest.   I have always wanted to learn how to use different design programs like Photoshop and InDesign. 

What has been your most meaningful experience at Mason? Getting involved with different offices on campus helped me meet people outside of my regular circle.  It also helped me learn more about the university in general.  I have worked with The College of Humanities and Social Sciences Undergraduate Academic Affairs Office, the Transition Resource Center, and the Advising and Transfer Center. 

Do you have a favorite place to study on campus? I always study in the individual study rooms in the Fenwick Library.  I like studying in a quiet environment.  

Skittles or M&Ms? Skittles. I don’t really like milk chocolate and with skittles you can taste the rainbow!