Harmain Rafi

Harmain Rafi

Harmain Rafi

What is your involvement on campus?
I am a member of Alpha Lambda Delta Honor Society.  It is a group that promotes academic success and recognizes exemplary faculty teaching.  

What is your favorite class?
I really enjoy organic chemistry.  I learn something new every day in class.  It helps me understand things I may face in my future academic and professional career. 

Who is your favorite professor?
Dr. Ramesh Pant has been my instructor for both of my Organic Chemistry classes.  He is very humble and encourages all students.  Even if you make a mistake in class, he keeps things fun and exciting.  Dr. Pant is always getting the class involved and engaged in the material. 

What is the most exciting aspect of this current academic year?
I was recently accepted to a summer medical education program.  It’s an intensive six-week program that helps prepare undergraduate students interested in medical school.

What are your career goals after graduating from Mason?
I hope to earn my medical degree right after finishing my undergraduate career.  My goal is to get involved with the organization Doctors Without Borders.  I have been inspired for some time to help people who don’t have access to the proper medical care.  

Can you tell me about your research experience?
This past November I completed a research project at the Krasnow Institute here on Mason’s campus.  Our project was published for the Society for Neuroscience.  We worked on exploring memory systems.  I was part of this project for about a year from the spring semester of my first year of college up until this past fall.  

What advice do you have for new Mason students?
Seeking out new opportunities and keeping connected with your professors is key.  Building connections has opened up so many doors for my academic career.  You have to take an active role in your education in order to be successful. 

If you could have dinner with one real or fictional figure, who would you choose and why?
I would love to have dinner with Sherlock Holmes.  He looks at the world with a unique perspective.  I think I could learn a lot from spending some time with him.