Waleska Solorzano

Waleska Solorzano

Waleska Solorzano

2020 Dean's Challenge Award Recipient

Why did you choose to do a BAM program?

I chose to pursue a BAM program because I knew I wanted to continue to study philosophy at the graduate level. I want to pursue my PhD in philosophy, and the BAM program has helped me gain experience and develop my skills as an academic. Additionally, the professors in the philosophy department are very supportive and knowledgeable in their fields, so I wanted to continue learning from them and with them. The benefits of the BAM program are innumerable. There is a financial benefit to the program since the students can earn graduate credit at an undergraduate level and cost. The students are also able to gain graduate experience while still in undergrad. I think if I had not pursued the Accelerated MA, I would not have been as competitive for the fellowships and jobs to which I have applied.

What has been your favorite class or experience in the program so far?

My favorite class in the program so far has been Just War Theory, which is a Philosophy graduate course taught by Dr. Jesse Kirkpatrick. I was enrolled in this class as an undergraduate student, so it was a bit intimidating for me in the beginning. It was my first graduate course, but the professor and the other graduate students were very helpful and welcoming. I also took this course while I was working on an independent project titled, "Photography as Time Travel" with Dr. Kurt Brandhorst and Dr. Rachel Jones, which was funded by the Office of Student Scholarship, Creative Activities, and Research (OSCAR). I was able to apply knowledge that I gained from this project towards my final research paper in Just War Theory. It was a fulfilling experience to apply knowledge across disciplines. I was also able to submit my independent research project to a graduate conference during my last semester as an undergraduate student, and it was accepted.

What experiences have you had outside the classroom?

I recently worked at the National Human Trafficking Hotline as a Bilingual Hotline Advocate. Last year, I was awarded the Boren Awards to study Bahasa Indonesia in Indonesia as a fellow. I was also the recipient of the Critical Language Scholarship to study Bahasa Indonesian in Indonesia. I am currently a research assistant for Dr. Andrew Light, the Director of the Institute for Philosophy and Public Policy.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

I will be continuing my studies in a PhD program.