Exciting Classes to Consider for Spring 2013

by John Cicchetti

Exciting Classes to Consider for Spring 2013

Are you still looking for a final class to register for in the spring 2013 semester?  The College of Humanities and Social Sciences offers a wide variety of classes that should appeal to your areas of interest.  Students should keep in mind that you can register for 12 to16 credits without paying additional tuition fees.  Why take only 12 credits when you can get your bang for your buck and take 15 or 16 credits for the same price?!?

There are lots of classes available to meet your diverse academic interests.  These same classes will also provide you with valuable knowledge and help develop transferrable skills for a variety of professional opportunities in the future.  Or you may want to consider taking a class for your own personal enjoyment and exploration. These are just a few options you may want to consider:

ARTH 384- Arts of China: Explores the complex and dynamic history of China by examining ways in which social, religious, and political shifts have given rise to new and variant forms of material culture.  Fulfills the general education requirement in global understanding and the CHSS requirement in non-Western culture.

COMM 320- Business and Professional Communications: Study of basic theories and skills of communication in professional contexts, including interviewing, relationship maintenance, small group teams, and public presentations. Emphasizes developing practical and critical thinking skills. Only prerequisite is COMM 100 or 101.

COMM 372- Sport and the Media: Examines the role of mass media in constructing images of athletes, sport, and sports culture. Critical attention is given to broadcast, print, and film of sport media. Assesses sociological and cultural issues that shape sport media and culture.  No prerequisites! 

ECON 105- Environmental Economics for the Citizen: Introduction to economic concepts and how they can be applied to environmental policy issues such as air and water pollution, climate change, natural resource use, and sustainability. Focus is on concepts, policy, and case studies rather than formal modeling exercises.  Fulfills general education requirement in social and behavioral science.

GOVT 353- Social Entrepreneurship: Introduces students to the different steps that social entrepreneurs work through to drive social change: identifying problem to address, developing a strategy to address the social need, fundraising, growing the organization, tracking results, and maximizing impact.  No prerequisites! 

RELI 360- Religion and Politics: Explores the roles of religion in contemporary political life in the United States and abroad. Emphasizes religion in current political debates. Includes history, political theory, sociology, and theology to present a comprehensive understanding of the topic. No prerequisites! 

SOCI 120- Globalization of Society: Examines and analyzes important global issues and processes. Considers historical development of globalization and implications for different societies and cultures. Investigates perceptions of global processes by different cultures and nations, and efforts of international institutions to address social, political, economic, and cultural changes in global society. Fulfills the general education requirement in global understanding.

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