Alexis Frambes: Understanding the Past to Create a Bright Future

by Anne Reynolds

Alexis Frambes: Understanding the Past to Create a Bright Future

Alexis Frambes
BA History

Alexis Frambes will leave Mason with a bachelor’s degree in history, capping a lifelong interest in understanding the past as a means to offer context to the present. She will not leave for long, however; after graduation, she will continue her work as a research assistant for University Professor and Provost Emeritus Peter Stearns, and with the Roy Rosenzweig Center for History and New Media. Further on, Alexis hopes to continue her studies to earn her doctorate in history.

At Mason, she said, “I haven't had a professor I didn't like or who didn't offer their support or help whenever they could,” but singled out Christopher Elzey for suggesting the history minor to her, thus setting her on the road to her major, and Christopher Hamner for offering supportive feedback, job and internship advice, and necessary recommendations.

If she could go back in time to offer herself advice, Alexis stressed the importance of seeking help when needed. “It's okay to seek help, whether it's on an assignment or for personal matters (especially mental health),” she said. “No one is expecting you to be perfect, so you shouldn't put that pressure on yourself. Tutoring centers and CAPS [Mason’s counseling center] exist for a reason.”