Kathryn Yeargin: Pursuing a Future in Law and Justice

by Anne Reynolds

Kathryn Yeargin: Pursuing a Future in Law and Justice

Kathryn Yeargin
BA Criminology, Law and Society

As Kathryn Yeargin wraps up her work on a BA in criminology, she is in the process of applying to law schools. With eyes on two programs in Virginia, she hopes to someday work in the field of labor law, for a federal agency, or a non-profit social justice organization.

Legal studies has been an objective for Kathryn from the time she applied to Mason, and it led to her interest in criminology. She was motivated to learn as much as she could about the criminal justice system before considering it as a future vocation.

Her studies were influenced by the engaging teaching of faculty member Andrew Novak, particularly in CRIM 405: Law and Justice around the World and CRIM 307: Social Inequality, Crime, and Justice. The latter course, said Kathryn, inspired her to work towards a possible career with a non-profit organization.

Her main goal, she added, is to use her education to help others. If she were to offer advice to a new Mason student, she stressed the importance of budgeting time well and to pursue available opportunities. “If you see an internship/ opportunity you want, chase after it. Do not give up so easily.”