Accelerated Masters Information

What is a BAM?

Accelerated master’s degree programs (also called "BAMs," for Bachelor's/Accelerated Master's) are designed for Mason’s highly qualified and highly motivated undergraduates. Below are just a few reasons to consider a BAM:

  • They provide a streamlined application process with no application fee.
  • They allow students to apply twelve (12) graduate credits to their undergraduate degrees, and to take an additional six (6) graduate credits to be held for reserve graduate credit (apply only to the graduate degree).
  • They offer the possibility of beginning a graduate degree with up to 18 credits earned while an undergraduate student.

Students admitted to an accelerated master’s degree program have the opportunity to complete both degrees in a reduced amount of time, and at a reduced cost.

Academic Advising is Key

Academic advising plays a critical role for students considering an accelerated master's program. A few questions that students should explore when meeting with their advisor are:

  • What are the benefits of pursuing an accelerated master's degree, especially as they relate to their major and career plans?
  • How can students connect with faculty in the department to learn more about the graduate program focus and overall expectations?
  • Are there students in the program who could offer advice?
  • How would this impact overall graduation timelines? For example, will summer classes be necessary if anticipating graduate courses in senior year?
  • How should remaining major requirements be planned so that the workload will be manageable?

What are the Qualifications?

Credit Requirements

Students who have earned at least 60 credits (including transfer credits) are eligible to apply for an accelerated master's program. The application cannot be submitted until 60 credits have been earned. Students should contact their academic advisor and BAM Coordinator (see the Contact a Coordinator link above to the right) for the best advice on eligibility.

GPA and Course Requirements

Each accelerated master's program has set specific requirements for admission, which are clearly outlined on the program's pages (see the Find a Program link above to the right). In general, applicants should have a minimum 3.0 GPA, and in many cases a 3.25 GPA or higher is required. 

When researching programs be sure to find out:

  • What is the cumulative GPA requirement for admission?
  • Is there a separate requirement for GPA in the major?
  • Do certain courses in the major need to be taken prior to application or admission?
  • Can any students from any major apply for the program?
  • What are the GPA requirements once admitted to a program?

What are the Application Requirements?

It depends on the program! Applicants to an accelerated master's program should be prepared to provide, at a minimum, along with the application:

  • College transcripts from Patriot Web
  • Goals statement
  • Letters of recommendation

Some programs may also require a writing sample, GRE scores, or a portfolio of academic work. Consult the program's web page for specific information about application requirements and do not hesitate to ask the BAM Coordinator for more detail.

For additional guidance on applying to an accelerated master's program, visit the guide posted by Mason's Office of Admissions: