CHSS Student Ambassadors Organization

The CHSS Student Ambassadors are an honorary group of students who represent the College of Humanities and Social Sciences in social events, enhance prospective and current students’ knowledge about the various programs and support services offered at the college, and assist in the delivery of outreach programs and services to promote college enrollment.

As a CHSS Ambassador you should expect: 

  • Leadership opportunities
  • Build career experience
  • Get to know prospective and fellow students better
  • Work alongside your program professors, advisors, and school administrators on all levels
  • Providing service to the college helps develop a sense of belonging and contributing to Mason community
  • Resume enhancement as a direct result of involvement in CHSS events and activities, which reflect positively on both applications for employment and for future colleges and universities
  • Receive the CHSS Student Ambassador graduation stole
  • Letters of recommendation may be made available to Student Ambassadors


Current Organization Structure


President: Kevynne Dimaano

Treasurer: Peregrine Pistone

Officers: Ella Jackson, Bianca Natal, Brian Plimpton, Ari Williams

Founding Members: Mariam Shafik, Jade Key, Ha N. Le, Jonathan Clark, Rae Mitchell, Alexander Kimball



You must have a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0 on a 4.0 scale to join this organization. Current and/or prospective students can be put in contact with the CHSS Student Ambassadors organization by initially emailing Eleana Velasco, Coordinator of Student Success Initiatives, at Thank you!