Grade Appeals

Students may appeal the final grade earned in a course by following the process outlined in the University’s Catalog (Section AP.3.9). This process is also summarized here:  

Step 1. Contact the instructor in writing (email is acceptable) with a detailed explanation of your concern about your grade. The explanation must deal with the fairness of grading policies or procedures, or the accuracy of the assigned grade. Please note that the purpose of an appeal is not to request a re-grade of your work. 

If the faculty member is not available, contact the chair of the department that offers the course. 

Step 2. If the faculty member is unwilling to adjust the grade, the student may appeal to the chair of the department offering courseGrade appeals must be submitted before the last day of classes for the following semester (spring for fall classes, fall for spring and summer classes). The department chair does not approve or deny appeals. Instead: 

  • The department chair may decide to send the appeal to a faculty committee for review.  
  • The department chair may decide not to send the appeal to a faculty committee for review. The Associate Dean reviews this decision to ensure the proper procedures were followed. If the Associate Dean finds no procedural irregularities, the grade will stand, with no option for further appeal.  

There is no further review of grade appeals beyond the Associate Dean.  

Please refer the University’s Catalog (Section AP.3.9) for a full explanation of the grade appeal process. 

A list of the departments within the College of Humanities and Social Sciences can be found by following the link below.