Leave of Absence

All undergraduate students who are planning an absence from George Mason must submit a formal request for Leave of Absence to the Office of the University Registrar. This form must be submitted by the last day of the classes for the first semester that the leave of absence is requested. 

The form will only need to be reviewed by the Undergraduate Academic Affairs Office if the leave is for more than one semester, if the student is requesting an extension of an already approved leave, or if the student is eligible to return from suspension, but is not ready to return.

Students do not need to complete the Leave of Absence form if they are participating in a George Mason University sponsored study abroad program or have received permission to study elsewhere.

See below for additional policies and the process for requesting a leave of absence.

Requesting a Leave of Absence for More than One Semester

  1. Review all policies below pertaining to leave of absence.
  2. Fill out an Undergraduate Leave of Absence form.
  3. Contact your academic department to set up an appointment with an advisor. The form requires an advisor's signature.
  4. Obtain all other applicable signatures.
  5. Submit your completed request to the Undergraduate Academic Affairs Office.
  6. Wait to receive a decision email.

Eligibility Requirements

Student must: Be eligible to register for classes - Be a degree-seeking undergraduate student - Be registered during the semester immediately prior to the beginning of the Leave of Absence (unless they were sitting out an academic suspension) - Have no holds (except for advising hold) which would restrict registration

  • The maximum time allowed for a Leave of Absence is two years.
  • A new admission application will be required if a student is away for more than two academic years. Re-admission is not guaranteed.
  • Prior approval is required. Advisors approve one-semester requests. Advisor and Dean approval is required if the leave of absence requested is for more than one semester.
  • Students are not permitted to study elsewhere while on a Leave of Absence.
  • A student who was admitted as a new first semester freshman or transfer student but did not attend will not be eligible for a Leave of Absence. Instead, he or she must contact Undergraduate Admissions.
  • A student who was re-admitted but did not attend will not be eligible for a Leave of Absence. He or she must contact Undergraduate Admissions.
  • Requests for extensions on a previously submitted Leave of Absence require submission of a new Leave of Absence form. 

If a student does not submit a leave of absence, or is ineligible for a leave of absence, the student must then re-enroll or re-apply when returning to the university depending on the length of the absence.

Students who are absent for not more than two years must re-enroll. Information on this can be found below. Students who are absent for more than two years must re-apply to the university through the Admissions website.

Students have the right to appeal denial of a request. Information on submitting an appeal can be found at the bottom of the page