Student Ambassadors

CHSS Ambassadors interacting with students and their families during a spring semester event

The College of Humanities and Social Sciences (CHSS) Student Ambassadors consist of a group of engaged, passionate, and committed CHSS students. They serve as official hosts and representatives of the College. They personify the excellence and diversity of the CHSS community while sharing their Mason experiences. Student Ambassadors have the opportunity to:

  • Meet with current and prospective students
  • Assist in orientation activities
  • Support initiatives related to recruitment and outreach
  • Participate on student panels
  • Provide student support and perspective at events such as open houses, welcome-back events, recognition ceremonies, and other programming opportunities.

A unique experience, the CHSS Student Ambassadors are often invited to share their student experience on important issues and to give input for new College initiatives.

Current and/or prospective students can be put in contact with a CHSS Student Ambassador by initially emailing the Coordinator of Student Success Initiatives, Eleana Velasco, at

Interested in becoming a Student Ambassador for CHSS? Please reach out to the Coordinator of Student Success Initiatives, Eleana Velasco, at