Refer a Student for Support

The Early Alert Referral System supported by Navigate is available to faculty and advisors to request further support to the CHSS UAA office when a student is experiencing academic or personal challenges.

The student success team in the CHSS UAA office monitors issued alerts regularly and will connect with referred students within 24 to 36 hours to offer support, scheduling appointments, and resources specific to the concerns of the student.


How to issue an alert in Navigate

  • Go to to access NavigateMason
    • Login using your Mason NetID and Password
  • On the main screen, find the “Actions” box on the top right corner and click on “Issue an Alert”
  • A new box will appear prompting to answer the following questions:
    • Student: Type name, email or G number.
    • Please select the reason you believe this student needs assistance:
      • Refer to CHSS Undergraduate Academic Affairs for support
    • Is this alert associated with a specific class?
      • Optional answer. No response required
    • Additional comments:
      • Please type your concerns about the student in this section. Be as detailed as possible.

Screenshot of Early Alert action box

  • Students will receive an automatic alert-response email letting them know that an alert has been issued and that the CHSS UAA office is ready to assist them.
  • We will follow up with the student within 24 to 36 hours to reiterate our support.

For additional questions about the Early Alert Referral System email